DNA Diet & Fitness 3 Test Combo

Optimize your health goals with personalized DNA insights.
This comprehensive combo test kit analyzes over 50 genetic variants through three in-depth tests to provide a complete understanding of how your unique genetics impact nutrition, weight management, and exercise response.
  • Includes 3 tests combined for the price of 2
  • Leverage DNA data to optimize nutrition, diet, and exercise.
  • Maximize results with genetic factors beyond willpower alone
  • Identify genetic predispositions early to make informed proactive lifestyle choices.


AABB, ISO17025 & CLIA accredited lab

Start the journey to becoming a healthier you

Our DNA tests analyze your genetic profile, offering insights that can guide you towards better nutrition, weight management, and a tailored exercise plan. Reach your fitness and health objectives more efficiently.

Nutrition DNA Test

Everyone needs balanced nutrition. Vitamins and minerals play crucial roles in our body’s growth, repair, and maintenance. Genetic variations can affect how well we process certain vitamins and minerals. With this test, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Potential Deficiencies and Strengths: Genetics can predispose some individuals to require more of certain nutrients and less of others. Identify areas where you might be more susceptible to deficiencies or where your body might excel in processing specific nutrients.
  • Tailored Nutritional Recommendations: Based on your genetic makeup, receive personalized advice on dietary adjustments to ensure you’re getting the nutrients that align best with your body’s needs.
  • Genetic Insight into Dietary Intolerances: Understand if your genetic makeup predisposes you to specific intolerances or sensitivities, allowing you to make informed dietary choices.

Understanding Your DNA

Decoding genetic markers related to weight loss, nutrition, and fitness.

DNA Weight Loss Test

Discover genetic markers that influence weight loss and understand how your body responds to various weight-related factors.

Adiponectin (ADIPOQ)rs6773957, rs17300539, rs17366568Assesses how your body regulates glucose levels and fat breakdown.
Lipolysis Activity and Fat Oxidation (ADRB2)rs1042714Looks at how fats are broken down during activities.
Starch Digestion (AMY1)rs4244372Measures your capacity to digest carbohydrates.
Saturated Fat Metabolism (APOA2)rs5082Assesses your metabolism’s efficiency in processing saturated fats.
Exercise Motivation (BDNF)rs6265Determines genetic factors influencing your drive to exercise.
Circadian Rhythm (CLOCK)rs1801260Provides insights into your natural body clock and related tendencies.
Fatty Acid Uptake (FABP2)rs1799883Explores how you process and utilize different fats.
Hunger (FTO)rs9939609, rs1558902Assesses genetic predisposition to feelings of hunger.
Obesity (GNPDA2)rs10938397Identifies genetic risk factors related to obesity.
Snacking (MC4R)rs17782313Understands tendencies towards frequent snacking.
Food Disinhibition (NMB)rs1051168Gives insights into impulse control related to food consumption.
Satiety (SH2B1)rs7498665Examines how quickly you feel full when eating.
Zinc Regulation (SLC39A8)rs13107325Measures how your body regulates and utilizes zinc.
Obesity (TMEM18)rs2867125Another gene that identifies risk factors associated with obesity.
Exercise Response (FTO)rs1121980Understands how your body genetically responds to physical activity.
DNA Nutrition Loss Test

Gain insights into how your genetics might influence nutrient metabolism, vitamin processing, and related dietary factors.

Vitamin C Levels (SLC23A1)rs33972313Indicates how your body processes vitamin C.
Iron Deficiency (TF)rs3811647Determines if you have a genetic predisposition to iron deficiencies.
Iron Deficiency (TMPRSS6)rs4820268, rs855791Examines how efficiently your body absorbs iron from the diet.
Vitamin E Levels (APOA5)rs12272004Provides insights into how your body processes vitamin E.
Vitamin A (BCO1)rs12934922, rs7501331, rs11645428, rs6564851Assesses how your body metabolizes vitamin A.
Vitamin D (CYP2R1)rs10741657Examines your genetic predisposition for vitamin D processing.
Vitamin D (GC)rs7041, rs4588, rs2282679Affects the efficiency of vitamin D transport and uptake in the body.
Vitamin B9/Folate (MTHFD1)rs2236225Linked to potential folate-related disorders and disruptions.
Vitamin B9/Folate (MTHFR)rs1801133Influences the activation and utilization of folate in the body.
Vitamin B6 (NBPF3)rs4654748Assesses the clearance of vitamin B6 from the body.
Omega-3 (NOS3)rs1799983Influences triglyceride levels, especially when omega-3 levels are low.
Vitamin B12 (FUT2)rs602662Determines how your body metabolizes vitamin B12.
DNA Fitness Test

Understand your genetic disposition towards certain fitness traits, such as endurance, power, and recovery mechanisms.

Endurance Ability (ACE)rs4343Evaluates genetic factors influencing blood pressure regulation and muscle efficiency.
Athletic Power Ability (ACTN3)rs1815739Often referred to as the “sprinter gene”, influencing fast-twitch muscle capabilities.
Muscle Strength (ACVR1B)rs2854464Assesses genetic influence on muscle strength.
Endurance (ADRB2)rs1042713Linked to the body’s fight or flight response.
Athletic Power Ability (AGT)rs699Affects blood pressure regulation and growth hormone levels.
Exercise Motivation (BDNF)rs6265Determines genetic factors influencing your drive to exercise.
Soft Tissue Injuries (COL1A1)rs1800012Identifies genetic risk factors related to soft tissue injuries.
Tendinopathies, Flexibility and Endurance Running Ability (COL5A1)rs12722Identifies genetic risk of Achilles tendinopathy.
Pain Tolerance (COMT)rs4680Assesses genetic factors influencing your tolerance to pain.
Athletic Ability and Heart Rate Recovery (CRP)rs1205Determines genetic factors influencing heart rate recovery post-exercise.
Endurance (GABPB1)rs7181866Evaluates genetic potential for endurance in physical activities.
Endurance (GSTP1)rs1695Another gene assessing endurance capabilities.
Athletic Power Performance (IL6)rs1800795Examines genetic predispositions related to athletic power performance.
Lactate Transport (MCT1)rs1049434Determines how your body transports and processes lactate during exercise.
Athletic Endurance Ability (PPARA)rs4253778Evaluates genetic factors influencing endurance in athletics.
Endurance (PPARD)rs2016520Enhances fat burning for energy and improves “good” cholesterol levels, impacting endurance.
Endurance (PPARGC1A)rs8192678Affects aerobic capacity improvements and endurance potential during exercise.
Endurance (VEGFA)rs2010963Influences blood vessel formation, improving oxygen supply to muscles during endurance activities.
Fitness DNA Test

Your genetics can play a significant role in your fitness journey. This test dives into:

  • Exercise Response Profile: Discover how your DNA influences your response to different types of exercise, from endurance to strength training.
  • Potential for Athletic Excellence: Some genetic markers can indicate a predisposition for excelling in certain sports or physical activities. Identify your inherent athletic strengths.
  • Injury Risk and Recovery: Genetics can also play a role in susceptibility to certain injuries and recovery times. Equip yourself with this knowledge to train smarter and safer.

Harness the power of your DNA to optimize your health and fitness journey, tailoring your approach for the best possible outcomes.

Weight Loss DNA Test

Weight management can be a unique journey for everyone due to our genetic makeup. This test will provide insights into:

  • Genetic Weight Management Profile: Learn about the genetic factors that influence your body’s regulation of weight, appetite, and satiety.
  • Response to Dietary Plans: Uncover how your genetics might influence your body’s reaction to certain diets, helping you choose a diet plan that could work best for you.
  • Exercise Impact on Weight: Understand how your genetics can affect weight loss in response to different exercise routines, allowing for more targeted and efficient workouts.

How Home DNA Testing Works

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Order Test Kit

From relationship tests to health tests, we offer a wide range of DNA tests to fit your needs.

Step 2. Swab

Collect & Ship

Collect your DNA with our painless mouth swabs, then send the samples to our laboratory for analysis

Step 4. Results

Receive Results

Access your confidential results online the moment testing is completed. Our team of experts is available for any questions.

Electronic Reports Delivery

Monitor the progress of your tests in real-time and securely access your confidential results anytime, anywhere, on any device.


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